With so much emphasis on car buying, few people consider the maintenance requirements of an automobile. The modern car may have as many as 75,000 parts, and the malfunction of just one can make your car behave very strangely. Maintaining a car in good condition will help you to keep it safe, drive it for a long time, and someday sell it for a good price.


Most vehicle services consist of an oil change. This is the most common service for any car to last.

When we perform this service we not only use the top of the line synthitic oil but we use OEM Filters.  This is the only way to meet the auto industry standards on how the car is supposed to be serviced and we pride ourselves doing it right each and every time.


Along with our oil change we top off all other fluid levels, check and fill tire pressure to the correct specifications and inspect the vehicle for any necessary repairs.


We also reset service indicator lights when required and affix and oil service reminder sticker for your next appointment.




When performing a brake service, we only use OEM parts specified from the manufacture of the vehicle.  We remove all brake components and  clean them to ensure proper installation of new brake parts.  All moving parts are lubricated and service lights are reset.  Proper bedding of new pads and rotors are done during road test to prevent noise and warping.


Most people who drive their cars daily dont remember how their car rode when it was new.  Its just something they get used to over time. 
When going over bumps, small pits or small pot holes, clunks and excessive bouncing is not normal.  It should just feel like a small bump.
We look over all the control arms, bushings, struts, and springs and determine the best course of action to keep your car driving like new.